I was here.

I was here
I was here

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I've been thinking a lot about purpose lately. There may be millions of things you can do and thousands of things you're passionate about, but, at the end of the day, I believe your main purpose is to LOVE. So, regardless of what I accomplish today on my to-do list or how far I come in my art, if I have loved, then I certainly have lived.

This video is pure perfection for this realization. Bey does it well, per usual, and I would definitely full screen this badboy. If you're feeling useless or without purpose today, just take a moment to love someone. Write an encouraging e-mail, open the door for someone with a genuine smile and hello, or pick up the phone and thank someone for being who they are.

In honor of the recent World Humanitarian Day, how will you have made your mark on the world today, tomorrow and thereafter?