Soul Thirsty Thursday | The $100 Startup


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I'm so excited to share with you a blogger and entrepreneur that has personally influenced me and opened up a world of support in the pursuit of my dreams. Chris Guillebeau started a blog called the Art of Non-Conformity. I highly recommend you start following the blog right away to not only be encouraged and motivated for your own dreams, but to be opened up to a network of people that think just like you!

On top of his blog and several e-books about growing your business, he also runs the Travel Hacking Cartel - perfect for travelers and wanna-be travelers wanting to know the secrets of affordable travel through frequent flier miles and promotions. He also hosts the annual un-convention in Portland called the World Domination Summit, of which I'll be attending for the second time this July! Last year, it was pretty much like walking into a room with 500 of your new best friends, mentors, and understanding supporters of your dreams. I've never felt so motivated to move and shine! I can't wait until this year where I'm sure it will be bigger and better.

In addition to all of these resources he has provided me and thousands of other dreamers, he is also an author. His latest release is The $100 Startup. Here is the book trailer:

There a many lessons to take away from this book. I'll highlight a couple here:

Don't Think, Follow Your Passion

I'm very, VERY guilty of over-thinking. I stayed at my corporate job way longer than I needed, just waiting for some obvious sign or path to give me the boot to get out of the place where I was unhappy. I was looking for the perfect open door to walk through that had all the answers and certainties available to me right away. It doesn't work that way. I finally got so burnt out that I just simply took the leap with no plan in store. I don't recommend that for everyone, but every day since then, I've been waking up and following my passions. I still don't have all the answers or the future predicted for me, but moment to moment, I feel I'm in the right place. You may have one passion [lucky] or you may have several passions like myself.  How do you choose? Well, that brings us to the next lesson.

Value is the Second Piece to the Puzzle

You may be passionate about something, but if it doesn't offer value to people you won't be successful. Do your research and try and find your niche. Don't look for the passion that will appeal to the masses... you most likely won't find it. But do look for your tribe or a sector of potential followers. They are out there. Those people that are looking for a leader and resonate with what you can offer. Find that tribe and learn all you can about them and what they desire.  Passion + Value are keys to a successful business.

I just started the book, but I can guarantee that it's worth the read already.  Also, be sure to check out Chris' upcoming book tour and see if he'll be in your area. It's free to attend, but you should RSVP.  I'll be at the Denver one, next week!

And remember this...

God Can't Drive If You're Still In Park

Your life won't change if you don't start taking action. Start with a small step. Passionate about writing? Look up your local creative center and inquire about writing classes. Sign yourself up for one. Start writing three pages of brain drain every morning. Don't think, just show up at the page. (I learned this from Julia Cameron's, The Artist's Way)

Want to become a blogger? Start following your favorite blogs and find their favorite bloggers and then take note what you love about all of them. Carry a small notebook and write down topics that inspire you daily.

Think of your passions and dreams and write down three small action steps. Right now. Just grab a piece of paper and do it! I promise your dream is worth it.

Every day, just show up to your dream just as you're doing in your current job. Show up  and you'll be surprised to see what comes out of your small step. Once you start moving, you'll soon see how far God will take it.

I can't wait to hear about it!