Soul Thirsty Thursday | Get Out of the Funk


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Pursuing your passion is not easy. Often times...who are we kidding...most times, we feel that we are swimming upstream and it's frankly exhausting. When you're in this exhausted, paralyzed state, here are a few cures that I recommend to pick yourself up, breathe, and continue following your dream:


Sometimes all you need is a great song. Take a ten minute break and listen to this all the through. Don't miss the lyrics, they are the prize of this well deserved breather:

Grab your coat and get your hat

Leave your worry on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

Can't you hear the pitter-pat?

And that happy tune is your step.

Life can be so sweet

On the sunny side of the street.

I used to walk in the shade,

With those blues on parade,

But now I'm not afraid,

This rover crossed over.

If I never have a cent,

I'll be as rich as Rockefeller.

Gonna set my feet,

On the sunny side of the street.

Go from Auto Pilot to Awareness

Our auto pilot turns on without us even noticing. Well, precisely because we aren't noticing. It's so easy to sit back in the river and let it carry us downstream. We have to be cognizant and aware if we are going to pursue our dreams and be authentically happy. Start small. Just simply notice the beautiful flowers in the median on the way to work, hear the bird's unique song on your lunch break or just look up and see a giraffe in the clouds like you used to. Being aware of your surroundings and taking in your life moment by moment will focus your mind from worrying about the past/future to taking in the beauty that surrounds your life every minute and honing in on your passion-filled dreams.


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Sooner or later, no matter all the books you read and thinking you do, you're going to have to take action. You know it's risky, you know you're full of fear, but you just have to take a step. No step, no story as my brother always says. It doesn't have to be a full on cannonball off the high-dive (though for some this is the perfect method), just start small if you have to.

An exercise I learned while reading The Artist Way by Julia Cameron states to list 10 alternate lives you'd have if you had the choice.  Don't worry about money, time, or circumstance.  Just list what first comes to mind and have fun with it. You could be a drummer, soap opera star, cowhand, astrophysicist, or children's book author. Now, once you've written out this list, do a small act. If you listed drummer, look into signing up for a beginning drum clinic or go see a show this weekend to get you excited. If you said cowhand, go horseback riding. If you said children's book author, sign up as a volunteer to read to kids at the library and then take notice of what captures their imagination. The skies the limit when you take a small step towards it!

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