Trailer Tuesday | Elsie's Renovation Inspiration

It's Trailer Tuesday! I want to introduce you to the beautiful and lovely, Elsie, my 1960 Shasta trailer. Elsie is named after my Grandma Snyder. She was such an adventurous, loving, and beautiful woman and I hope that Elsie and I can carry on her beautiful legacy.

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I'm so blessed to have found her from an awesome family in Montana, in great condition and basically a giant blank canvas for me to play with! There's something so special about restoring a piece of history and giving it new life and purpose again. Her refridgerator, stove, oven and electrical are all in working condition. Don't get too excited... there is still tons of work to be done before she's ready to debut! Reupholstering, new flooring, new paint, new table and, of course, a beautifully decorated interior are on the must list of to do's. Oh my, what an expensive hobby I've chosen!

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Behold her renovation inspiration! I'm incorporating all things that make my heart flutter: lace, black&white, gold, mint, chartreuse and touches of pink, vintage elements, all mixed with a bohemian and natural feel. Everything whimsically fancy, of course!

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I can't wait to see my Elsie and I adventuring across America on the open road with nothing but the wind against us!