I’ve been brewing this for so long, it’s about time I get starting on this blogging adventure! I’ve come up with a daily topic – there happen to be 7 that catch my fancy – one for each day of the week!  I know that inspiration doesn’t arrive this linearly, but I’ll use it as a way to keep the ideas and creativity flowing!

Starting next week, stay tuned for:

All things positive and thought-provoking.  Just because everyone else has a “case of the Mondays” doesn’t mean you have to jump off the bridge too!

Vintage trailer madness! Find inspiration on trailer trippin, decorating, and hopefully updates on my own 1960 Shasta love, Elsie!

 Inspiration for your next soiree! Here I’ll showcase some of my latest events or inspiration for upcoming ones that I’m excited about!

I’ll share advice and motivation to keep on heading towards your dreams- you know we all need it!  Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, traveler or just plain dreamer, this will be a good boost to keep your motivation up to accomplish those soul-brewed goals.

Succulent recipes abound! This will be the headquarters for all things yummy and creative.

With a passion for all things colorful and creative, I believe your space should be the headquarters! I'll share inspiration for making your nest the best place to display your unique you!

Your style visualizes your inner creativity.  Get inspired for your next peacockin' outfit!

I'm looking forward to many more adventures with you!