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Ah, the trailer bedroom. Elsie’s bedroom area is setup to be a couch that folds out into a bed. I’m going to turn it into a permanent bedroom and a dreamy one at that.  Above is my inspiration to make this a cloud of dreams away from home. I want to make sure it’s colorful, dreamy, cushy, cozy, vintagy, quirky, and full of light!  Here are some must-have elements I’m starting with:

Vintage Drape

trailer, vintage, 1960, shasta, bedroom, romantic, white, canopy, lace

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I would love to find a canopy over the bedroom area made completely out of vintage textiles.  The key is light and airy fabric just like the one above!

here //

trailer, vintage, 1960, bedroom, canopy, dreamy, romantic, cozy

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Oh my… it’s like sleeping on a cloud!  Though I’d love to do all white like the one above, I just can’t live without color.  I’d start from here and add in pops of bold color and it would be perfection!

Pattern & Color

trailer, vintage, 1960, shasta, bedroom, romantic, white, canopy, lace, scarves, curtains, color

here //

I’ll be on the hunt for vintage scarves to recreate a duvet or curtains just like this.

here //  


trailer, vintage, 1960, shasta, bedroom, romantic, white, canopy, lace, scarves, curtains, color, betsey johnson

Elle Decor UK (August 2007) Betsey Johnson’s NY Apartment found here //

I love Betsey. She is all about expression of individual style with NO RULES. In the famous words of Betsey, “Buy what you love!” The textures in this photo are to die for. Just having vintage robes and lingerie on display makes it so pretty! I love how the light shines right through. I would love to recreate this look for the curtains with sheer fabric from vintage lingerie finds. Oh, and check out that patterned ceiling!!

here //

Velvets, fur, satin, acrylic, and crystal… so many beautiful textures!

As I’m out and about, I’ll continue to pick up pieces that will make my trailer bedroom a dream come true! What would you have in your home away from home?

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